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Employee DNA Profiles in Schaumburg, IL

DNA Employee Profiles

Companies and organizations frequently use DNA profiling to validate employee identification. Such tests are especially prevalent with companies that send employees to troubled areas of the world and companies that contract to provide services in support of military operations. ARCpoint Labs of Schaumburg, IL offers DNA profiling collection services.

DNA Profiling

DNA profiling enables individuals to obtain a record of their genetic profile. Sometimes referred to as genetic typing, this DNA profile is the result of analyzing a sequence of markers found in a person’s DNA. While every person is comprised of 99.9% identical human DNA sequences, the 0.1% difference among us identifies us as individuals. Once obtained, the DNA profile has many uses.

Employee Identification

If your workforce is mobile — that is constantly traveling — DNA profiling can be a beneficial tool in the event of a worst case scenario. Companies worldwide use employee DNA profiles as a method of identifying deceased workers when there are no other tangible means of doing so. As our workforce becomes ever more global, DNA profiles are a useful tool for companies and organizations.

Why ARCpoint Labs of Schaumburg, IL for immigration DNA testing?

Whether you have plans that include immigration, citizenship or passport verification, ARCpoint Labs of Schaumburg, IL can assist with tightly regulated DNA testing. Our impeccable chain of custody procedures enable us to provide test results that meet both government and judicial requirements. We handle collections across the United States and coordinate with international entities to ensure your immigration DNA testing is flawlessly executed.

ARCpoint Labs of Schaumburg, IL is a trusted and respected immigration DNA testing partner. Convenience, courteous service and an expansive lab network enable us to offer impeccable services to anyone who requires immigration assistance involving DNA testing nationwide.

For more information about our DNA profiling services, find an ARCpoint Labs of Schaumburg, IL location near you.

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